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Who we Are

Monobind Inc. is a pioneer in IVD design and production. We are a global force in 100+ countries. Our AccuBind® ELISA and AccuLite® CLIA kits have a test menu of 55+ analytes, one of most comprehensive in open-system reagents. With a strong R&D focus and manufacturing excellence, Monobind consistently delivers high-quality products. Discover why our customers choose Monobind reagents, instruments and biological materials for their most essential operations.

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Our market segment
  • Researches

  • Clinical Laboratory

  • Manufacturers

  • Distributors

  • Partners

Achieve Your Goals

High-quality research materials are critical to the success of any development process. Whether you're working on the next drug, researching a disease state, or creating an assay for diagnostic or therapeutic determination, Monobind's product line is designed to help you reach that goal.

We supply researchers in academia or industry segments (like diagnostics and pharmaceuticals) with essential biomaterials and immunoassay technologies. Our leading-edge R&D work and pioneering experience in reagent production allow the delivery of reliable research-specific products.

Accurate and Reliable Results

With more than 80 ELISA and CLIA products in the global market, Monobind is a pioneer in serving several major areas of the clinical laboratory market. Our products can be used manually in small laboratories and can be easily applied to any open-system, semi-automated or fully automated ELISA instruments to support larger testing volumes.

Essential Supply Partner

As one of the largest producers of human and animal serum products, Monobind provides a key service to some of today's most well-known diagnostic manufacturers. We offer unparalleled expertisein processing raw materials- using techniques we've fine-tuned throughout our many years of producing immunoassays.

In addition, Monobind supplies biomaterials (such as purified antibodies, antigens, and proteins), consultation and development services, and other products critical to the diagnostics business. Work with us and you'll discover why we are recognized (and relied upon) as an industry authority.

Worldwide Network

Monobind reaches a majority of its customer-base using a network of reliable distributors. These distributors are critical to our success because they offer an outlet to the worldwide market and promote regional expertise. We seek to expand our distribution channels into several key geographic areas.

Monobind provides everything needed to build a successful ELISA business. If you're looking for quality-certified products, customized formats, and skilled technical support, join us and enjoy a robust and unlimited future in the biomedical industry.

Market Synergies

Monobind partners with leading firms to capitalize on synergies and bring high-value products to market. For example, we work with equipment makers to create our line of instruments. Therefore we offer a complete diagnostic solution to fit a variety of laboratories’ needs. We also develop applications for leading, open-system instruments as a service to shared markets. Monobind partners with manufacturers, researchers and other parties wherein a mutual opportunity exists for cooperation.

We work exclusively with distributors in key worldwide markets to allow us to meet customer-bases seamlessly.

News & PRESS
Join us at Booth 1154!
AACC and Clinical Lab Expo 2016 in Philadelphia. Explore new products and ways to improve the lab and your business success. Follow link below to schedule your appointment with us.
Posted: 03 June 2016
COMPANY Advisories
T4 and Free T4 Enzyme and Tracer Now in Amber Vial
To protect against light sensitivity of reagent, ELISA enzyme and CLIA tracer found in Monobind's T4, Free T4, Neonatal T4 kits including Thyroid VAST and Free Thyroid VAST are now packaged in amber vials.
Posted: 06 May 2016
Free beta hCG replaced by Extended Range product
In order to raise product competitiveness, especially in the area of prenatal testing, Monobind has introduced a new assay.
Posted: 23 February 2015
Dilute high-value Folate & Vit B12 Samples prior to extraction
High-protein patient samples used in Folate, Vit B12 and Anemia VAST kits, should first be diluted 1:1 in a saline solution before performing Sample Extraction.
Posted: 06 November 2014
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