June 2010

Meet us July 27-29 @ AACC in Anaheim!
Book your meeting today with our online calendar to ensure quality time with us. Find us in Booth 5825-6.

Visit Monobind July 26
In honor of AACC being so close to Monobind (20 miles) we will host an open house on Monday. Come meet our staff and tour our facility! To arrange a visit, please contact Alicia Jerome Volkov

Progesterone Test Simplified
Monobind has updated it's Progesterone kit to include ready-to-use enzyme reagent thereby improving performance with better sensitivity and ease-of-use. Please visit our site for revised IFUs ELISA & CLIA and inform your market(s) accordingly.

Certificates of Analysis Now Online & By AutoEmail
Find QC certificates by lot number in our CofA Search available from QC Documents - which also offers lot specific values for BioRad and Monobind QSure Controls.

CofAs are now auto-emailed to customers upon order fulfillment, if you do not receive these from us, please contact Customer Service for help.

monday, july 26

Triple Screen VAST
Free Thyroid VAST
Free Testosterone in Final Clinical Testing
Vitamin B-12, Folic Acid,
Vitamin D3, PTH, TORCH, PAPPA, Inhibin

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Anaheim, CA
July 27-29, 2010
Booth 5825-6

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